How To Adjust, By John T. Cocoris

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Tips on how to adjust in every situation

  1. Choose Not To Get Frustrated
    "Everything is a Choice"
  2. Change My Perception (Reframe)
    "It's not what happens, it's what you think about what happens."
    "How can I look at this so it's not a problem?"
    "Look for a positive interpretation."
  3. Acknowledge What is Without Making a Value Judgment
    "Be objective, operate on facts."
  4. Do Not Take it Personally
    "God doesn't do anything to you, He does it for you."
    "What does God want me to learn?"

1989, John T. Cocoris, Psy. D.

What are the Four Primary Temperaments?

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  1. Choleric (High D) (Asks "what")
    Confident - Brief, direct and to the point
  2. Sanguine (High I) (Asks "who")
    Friendly - Talkative - Impulsive - Playful
  3. Phlegmatic (High S) (Asks "why")
    Routine - Loyal - Nonemotional - Non-asssertive
  4. Melancholy (High C) (Asks "how")
    Cautious - Private - Detailed - Indecisive

The Workforce Today- Part I

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The workforce today is having to play catch up fast. The baby boomers who have the customer relation skills are having to be willing and eager to learn technical skills and the twenty something group is having to get master's degrees and learn customer service skills to compete in today's job market. Learning how to accomplish all of this in today's job force is a challenge. Especially when all age groups are having to pay high fees for student loans and still working for lower wages.

Our work plays an important role in our lives and our self-esteem. How we handle this will depend on our basic temperaments and our work ethic. It will also depend on how productive and resourceful we are. Many people have started their own home business for extra income and many have brought younger people into their companies to handle the technical work. Almost every family owned business I go into now has hired one of their children to come into the company to blend their computer skills with the already established business. This works well if the family business has the family member's doing suitable jobs for their experience and temperament. Some people are better at sales and some are better in technical areas and so on.

Our basic temperaments are inner forces that help us feel secure in any situation. That is why our office uses of the Disc II Temperament Assessment. Figuring out each ones needs from the beginning in any work environment is essential. Then you can combine teamwork and cooperation in a company and be twice as productive. Thusly creating physical and mental creativity with a purpose.

As most of us have seen in the workforce, there are people who hold us back or a company back by their idleness. The loss of opportunity, the loss of respect, and the loss of resources can be harmful to both the idle employee and the company. Then the employee feels discouraged and depressed and can't figure out why everyone seems to be out to get them. It can be a vicious circle if the company does not handle the situation well.

When the idle employee is released from the company often he or she has trouble regrouping even if they are on unemployment. After being discouraged with a job situation it is sometimes hard get that resume out again and regain the momentum to become self- supporting. It is also very important to be able to provide for your family again, to feel meaning, and fulfillment again. Then there are situations when people have to be on disability for health reasons and need to seek help from the right resources to make that decision.

Regaining your personal dignity, interacting with others, and finding your gifts and how to express yourselves is of upmost importance in fitting into the workforce in a healthy and financially secure way.

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