How To Adjust, By John T. Cocoris

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Tips on how to adjust in every situation

  1. Choose Not To Get Frustrated
    "Everything is a Choice"
  2. Change My Perception (Reframe)
    "It's not what happens, it's what you think about what happens."
    "How can I look at this so it's not a problem?"
    "Look for a positive interpretation."
  3. Acknowledge What is Without Making a Value Judgment
    "Be objective, operate on facts."
  4. Do Not Take it Personally
    "God doesn't do anything to you, He does it for you."
    "What does God want me to learn?"

1989, John T. Cocoris, Psy. D.

What are the Four Primary Temperaments?

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  1. Choleric (High D) (Asks "what")
    Confident - Brief, direct and to the point
  2. Sanguine (High I) (Asks "who")
    Friendly - Talkative - Impulsive - Playful
  3. Phlegmatic (High S) (Asks "why")
    Routine - Loyal - Nonemotional - Non-asssertive
  4. Melancholy (High C) (Asks "how")
    Cautious - Private - Detailed - Indecisive

Is Online Life Coaching Right for You?

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Now, with today’s modern technology, online life coaching has become extremely popular. Our lives have become so hectic that it is very hard to make the time to meet with a coach in person. However, coaches meet with you in person whenever possible in our office in Naples, Florida. Our work schedules and other responsibilities can seem to hold us back from moving forward, and we become more and more frustrated. Then as a result people may come to a point in their lives when they realize that they need to make a change. And that is when a coach can step in and help you accomplish your goals.


Many people that live in larger cities have more commutes to and from work than most, and have a hard time making after work appointments. Or, the parents of children will have to hire babysitters before they can make appointments to be seen in person. Thusly, having to pay for the babysitter, and coaching. Sometimes, people even feel more comfortable talking to someone over the phone than in person.


 Is there something inside of you telling you to make a change and move on? With some people, changing directions can be done overnight, but with a certified life coach the change can be accomplished correctly for your best interest and of those around you. Coaching is suitable for all ages and including, professionals in the corporate world, college age students, entrepreneurs and those facing retirement.

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