What a beautiful wedding set up you and the team made for us. Thank you for all the hard work, we were very pleased!
— Robyn
Our marriage license came today! Thank you so much.
— Jessica
The service was wonderful! Happy Holidays.
— Jill
Thank you Stephanie for our beautiful day!! It was perfect! I appreciate all of your help and your crew’s help. They were just awesome!!
— Sara

Gary Fusco, PhD

Dr. Fusco is a coach, trainer and seminar speaker. His calm and reassuring manner puts everyone at ease, especially during times of stress. Dr.Fusco’s desire is to make your marriage complete from the engagement to your wedding day and beyond.

Dr. Gary Fusco is a temperament coach and seminar speaker. Dr. Fusco can also meet with you individually for weddings and coaching or in a group for seminars.