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    Weddings Made Simple offers Life Coaching, DISC Temperament Assessments, as well as pre-marriage and post-marriage coaching in Florida, by phone or online. Premarital Temperament Assessment is a great way to learn more about your spouse-to-be and really get a good understanding of their personality and how to communicate best with them. Stephanie T. Shaffer, Ph.D uses the DISC Temperament Assessment prior to or for interpersonal relationship analysis after your marriage.

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    The DISC Temperament Assessment can be taken easily in the comfort of your own home and at any time of day, through our online system. Once you have completed the online portion of the assessment, Stephanie will schedule a time to meet you and your spouse. To get started please click the button below to start the online DISC Temperament Assessment, on the form please enter "step2" in the code box

    What is the DISC  Temperament Assessment?

    DISC II is a comprehensive tool for describing a person’s behavior and personality. By answering a simple list of questions, DISC creates a behavioral profile or assessment. Stephanie will then review the results with you and your spouse. Visual diagrams and textual analysis in non-judgmental language will be provided to you with a detailed understanding of each other.

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Weddings Made Simple

Weddings Made Simple is a premier wedding officiate service, wedding notary, DISC Assessment services, as well as pre-marriage and post-marriage coaching in Florida.

Weddings Made Simple specializes in weddings of all sizes including: beach weddings, country club weddings and destination wedding planning.


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